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Just like fingerprints, your teeth are unique to you. Your dental care plan should be, too.

On your first visit to Willamette Dental Group, your dental care team provides a comprehensive oral health evaluation and risk assessment to form the basis of your Proactive Dental Care Plan. Your plan includes a schedule of routine preventive care, based on your individually assessed risk of tooth decay and gum disease. If you have good oral health, your routine visits may be prescribed as once per year.

Routine Care Visits
During a routine visit, we provide an oral examination to look for any changes in your dental or medical health since your last check-up. If there are no major changes, then your plan is working! If there have been changes to your health, your dentist works with you to adjust your plan, and to ensure that you receive the best, least-invasive treatment for your individual needs and for your long-term health.

Restorative Therapy
At Willamette Dental Group, our dental care providers are trained in a practice called Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA). “Caries” is the medical term for tooth decay, and the aim of CAMBRA is to keep your teeth as natural and whole as possible while preventing and treating tooth decay.

Research has found that caries is caused by a bacteria, which means that incidents of decay can often be reversed without drilling. Your teeth will stay healthier longer if we keep them natural and whole, so your team of dental care partners will discuss the available options with you before scheduling any restorative treatment.


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