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A healthy mouth is the foundation of all dental care.


At Willamette Dental Group, we believe in a proactive approach to dentistry that's rooted in science and revealed in holistic, accessible care for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

We know that every person is unique and has unique circumstances. That's why your dental team at Willamette Dental Group first reviews your oral and overall health, and then creates a treatment plan just for you and your needs.

Largest Multi-Specialty Group Dental Practice

Since opening our first dental office in downtown Portland in 1970, Willamette Dental Group has worked hard to provide the best in proactive dental care to each of our more than 400,000 patients.

With over 50 dental offices throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, Willamette Dental Group is proud to be the largest multi-specialty group dental practice in the Pacific Northwest.

Our team of experienced, quality providers offers services from general dentistry to orthodontia to oral surgery and implants. All of our providers meet specific credentialing standards and undergo regular quality assurance reviews.

Rich Benefits

The Willamette Dental insurance plan is designed to offer you and your family rich, value-based benefits.

Are you someone who wants to know the exact amount you will need to pay out-of-pocket for a filling, crown, or root canal? If the answer is yes, our dental plan is for you.

Predictable, low copays With Willamette Dental Group, your out-of-pocket costs for covered dental services are taken care of with predictable, low copays.

No deductible, No annual maximum* There is no deductible to meet before your dental benefit applies and there is no annual maximum to your dental benefit.

These advantages combined with our low premium makes Willamette Dental Group a valuable option for you and your family's dental care.

Convenient Access

All of our offices practice our Simple Scheduling method to ensure that you have the best possible access to your dental care.

Through this method, every appointment type – for fillings, extractions, or whatever your need may be, is offered everyday so you can be seen in days or weeks to fit your needs.

Each of our offices operates with extended hours to make it easy for you to schedule your visits around your work and other obligations. Most offices are open Monday through Friday from 7AM – 6PM and select Saturdays.

Excellent Service

Willamette Dental Group prides itself on its excellent service and patient care.

Do you have questions about your coverage? Our Member Services team is just a phone call away at 1.855.4DENTAL (1-855-433-6825). Our Member Services representatives are available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and ready to assist you with whatever question you may have.

Do you need to make an appointment? Our Appointment Center representatives are standing by! Just call 1.855.4DENTAL (1-855-433-6825) to make, change, or cancel your appointment today.


"At Willamette Dental Group, it is our mission to deliver proactive patient care through a partnership with you, our patients, to stop the disease-repair cycle by means of evidence-based methods of prevention and treatment. For over 45 years, we have practiced this philosophy. From our very beginning in the Jefferson office in downtown Portland, we have pioneered the practice of evidence based dentistry – focusing on preventing disease rather than treating it surgically." -    Dr. Eugene Skourtes, DMD, CEO & President of Willamette Dental Group

The future looks bright for Willamette Dental Group and we'd be honored to partner with you for all of your oral health care needs.


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