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Welcome, Lewis & Clark College Employees!

Willamette Dental Group provides a unique combination of affordable dental insurance AND quality dental care. Take advantage of dental benefits made exclusively available to Lewis & Clark College employees.

Explore our website
Explore our website
Right here on our website, you can find information about our dental office locations, top quality providers and read reviews from other patients. As a patient, you’re welcome to choose the office and provider that’s best for you.
Explore our website
Schedule your appointment
Once you enroll, call us to schedule your new patient appointment at 1-855-433-6825. Appointments are available at locations across Oregon, Washington and Idaho – we can’t wait to meet you! Appointment Center hours are Mon - Fri: 7am - 6pm PT, Sat: 7am - 4pm PT
Discover your benefits Discover your benefits
Discover your benefits
With no maximum, no deductible, and predictable copays – your benefits are simply easy to understand. Review your plan benefits by downloading them here. 
Enjoy your personalized proactive dental care
Enjoy your personalized, proactive dental care!
We have your best interest at heart, and we want your teeth to last a lifetime. Delivering preventive dental care focused on promoting long term health – makes all of this is possible.

Why Willamette Dental Group?

First in Proactive Dental Care
Founded in 1970, Willamette Dental Group believes in a proactive approach to dentistry that's rooted in science. Proactive care means we focus on preventing disease rather than treating it surgically. And we do this by practicing evidence-based dentistry – evaluating your individual circumstances scientifically then creating a treatment plan tailored to you.

Our Dental Care Plan

Willamette Dental Fast Appointments
Call today and you can be seen in days or weeks to meet your needs. We listened to our patients and, through a company-wide change to how we schedule appointments, we successfully improved our average number of days to an appointment by over 75%!

Low, Predictable Costs
With a copay-based plan that has no annual maximum and no deductibles, your out-of-pocket costs for covered dental services are predictable. No need to worry about figuring out how a percentage translates to a dollar amount – copays allow you to know exactly what you have to pay before you even step through our doors.

Orthodontics Included
The Willamette Dental Group plan has an orthodontic benefit included for both adults & children. With no waiting periods and a predictable, low copay plus your office visit copay at each visit, members have access to affordable orthodontic care.

Whole Family Support
We strive to keep you healthy whether you are 2 or 82. All Willamette Dental Group providers see patients of all ages, creating a family-friendly environment that kids and “big kids” (that’s you, grandma!) will love.

No ID Cards Needed
All patient information is securely stored in the Willamette Dental Group system so no ID card is needed! All new members receive a handy wallet card with our contact information to keep on hand. If you need a replacement card, feel free to give us a call at 1-855-433-6825, Option 3 to request one. 

No Claims, No EOB to Review
Because our plan is based on set copays, we are able to provide each patient with a statement of the services received at the end of each appointment – no waiting for your EOB to arrive to know what you owe. Most major flexible spending services accept this statement for reimbursement as well! 

Who We Are

Who we areGet the benefits of a local clinic, with the reach and knowledge of a great big network.
Although we've done some growing, our roots are still firmly planted with our original philosophy of proactive, preventive care. Focusing on long-term oral health has served us well. But more importantly, it's served our patients well.

Complete Multi-Specialty Support
All of our providers are qualified dental professionals and we offer a full range of specialties including orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and oral surgery.

Our dentists are rewarded for healthy patients, not the number of crowns they sell.
We offer a unique compensation program incentivizing providers to provide the right care at the right time for each individual patient. This allows our dentists to truly deliver proactive dental care and not depend on drilling for dough.

Treatment that's focused on you
Each Willamette Dental Group patient receives a Proactive Dental Care Plan – think of it as your dental report card. This plan shows you how you’re doing and what we recommend to help you improve or maintain your oral health as well as any in-office treatments your dentist will perform. It’s a plan that will stay with you and be updated over time to meet your changing circumstances. 

Happy patients, happy dentists
At Willamette Dental Group, the patient experience is top of mind. That’s why we ask our patients for their feedback to find out what we are doing right and what we could do better. Through our 3rd party patient satisfaction survey, we are happy to report that our average score is over 90%. In 2014, we were the first dental company to win the Press Ganey Success Story Award, recognizing our dedication to quality of patient care. 

Any Questions?

For plan questions and customer service, please contact our dedicated Member Services team:

Toll Free: 1.855.4DENTAL (1-855-433-6825), Option 3
Email: memberservices@willamettedental.com
Member Services hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm PT

Emergency Care

In the unfortunate event of a dental emergency, please call the Appointment Center at 1.855.4DENTAL (1-855-433-6825). Generally, members can be seen for a dental emergency within 24 - 48 hours. If your regular dentist is unavailable, you will be scheduled with the first available dentist in your area.

* Refer to Contract for a complete description of limitations and exclusions.

**Disclaimer: Willamette Dental Insurance, Inc. has made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information posted in these documents. However, we cannot guarantee that the information has not changed since it was posted. In the event of a conflict between the information posted in these documents and any health plan documents, the health plan documents shall control. The information posted in these documents does not guarantee eligibility for or entitlement to health care benefits. Willamette Dental Insurance, Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the in information posted in these documents. Willamette Dental Insurance, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in the information posted in these documents at any time without notice.

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